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North Point Academy started in Dubai in 2012 and has successfully served both local and international clients for over a decade. NPA is a successful coaching company because it was created specifically to meet the unique needs of the Gulf region. Through hundreds of hours of coaching leaders from dozens of nationalities, we can confidently say that our methodology inspires transformative change that will lead you to succeed in a world where worldviews, cultures, and opportunities converge.

Our vision is to build “transformational commmunities of people living from the inside-out”. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, we train people to navigate the whole of reality, both what is internal and external. Our tagline is to see people become “Awake to ourselves, Alive to others”. We believe this ‘inside-out’ change is what creates stability, growth, and enables us all to have a greater impact on the world.

Our Work

We are a coaching company that focuses on three areas:


We are one of the region's premier ICF accredited coach training programs (ACSTH) that was specifically created to serve those living in the Gulf region. Please see below if you are interested in becoming a coach or receiving coach training to enhance your other roles.

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Individual Coaching

We offer individual coaching that is focused on transformational change in certain areas, 1) overcoming career challenges, 2) management and leadership effectiveness, and 3) intercultural navigation. Please see below if you are interested in pursuing our coach services for yourself or your team.

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Organizational Coaching

We work with local and international organization involved in the Gulf region to create bespoke training and coach services that meet the needs of each individual client. Please see below to see our record of success, hear from past clients, and learn how we can move forward together.


This session was an important one in terms of considering career readiness in the current climate of uncertainty.
Henrietta G
So many, including myself, have had 'aha' moments in the small group discussions. It just takes one or two good questions to unlock or unblock and gain momentum again.
Kerri L
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