Programme Details

Certificate in Professional Coaching


The Certificate in Professional Coaching is delivered over a 16-week period. There are 6 face-to-face days of training, 6 Virtual Forums delivered online via webinar with coaching practice sessions and self-study. We also offer 10 mentor sessions with ICF ACC Credentialed coaches both throughout the course and beyond to support your development as a coach.

Face-to-Face Training

Our face-to-face training is delivered as a mix of facilitation, lectures, demonstrations, pair work and feedback, and practice coaching sessions throughout. We place great emphasis on practicing the skills that are taught in each session with the facilitator present to give feedback and assistance in a safe environment. The six days of face-to-face training are made up of the Core Coaching Skills course, our Deepening the Coaching Experience and the Empowering the Coaching Experience modules.

Core Coaching Skills

The Core Coaching Skills is the initial three face-to-face delivery days and includes the following topics.

By the end of these three days, you’ll gain coaching tools to help you develop deeper, more meaningful relationship for being a positive change for the world.Total Student Contact Hours: 24 hours

  • Introduction to Commencement and Completion tools
  • Definition of Coaching – what it is and what it is not
  • World Views in Coaching
  • The NPCA World View
  • The qualities of a NPCA Coach
  • Vulnerability and Intimacy
  • At My Best Model – a self-awareness exercise
  • Introduction to the North Point Meta-Model (NPM) – Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Impact
  • Characteristics of a coaching conversation
  • Content vs Process
  • Giving Feedback
  • Levels of Attention model
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questions
  • Process Tools & Conversational Model
  • Direct Communication, Replaying and Rephrasing, Reframing, Intuiting
  • Defining Actions – SMART
  • Coaching Practice
  • The Journey Coaching Model
  • Coaching Practice
  • Goal Setting – NPCA Goal Creation Mapping Process
  • Practical Coaching Session
  • Visualisation Exercise

NPCA Core Coaching Skills course

The Core Coaching Skills course can be offered as a stand-alone course for those who want to upgrade their coaching / leadership skills and are not yet ready to take the full programme. Please contact us if you want to know more details.

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Deepening the Coaching Experience (Mid-Term)

The Deepening the Coaching Experience module is a one-day face-to-face training.

This is one day module at the mid-point of the programme. The intention on this day is to deepen your coaching knowledge and skills by exploring our Values and Beliefs and introducing powerful coaching tools to assist us and our clients. Additionally, the trainers introduce the concept of a pro-bono client. You’ll be asked to find your first pro-bono client and to submit a recorded coaching session for assessment. This session builds on the Core Coaching Skills training, and the on-going Virtual Forums, Coaching Practice Groups and Self-Study that has been completed up to this point. Total Student Contact Hours: 8 hours

  • Values & Values Practice Session
  • NPM at a Deeper Level & Practice Session
  • Self Assessment
  • Coaching Practice Session and Group Mentoring
  • How to obtain your first pro-bono client

Empowering the Coaching Experience

The final module of the NPCA Certificate in Professional Coaching is a two day face-to-face training module entitled Empowering the Coaching Experience.

The final module is two days face-to-face with the intention to empower you for your new role as an NPCA coach. At the end of the first day, you’ll have built on and practiced your coaching skills and received high-quality feedback from both the trainers and your peers through observed coaching practice and group mentoring session On the second day, we review the characteristics of a NPCA coach, discuss the importance of finding a niche, and introduce tools that are useful in different niches. These are also skills that will help you to prepare for your new role as an NPCA in whichever sphere you are in. Total Student Contact Hours: 16 hours

  • Use of the NPM with Realise and Visualise
  • Coaching Practice of The Journey using the NPM
  • Observed Coaching and Group Mentoring
  • Introduction to Niches
  • Coaching Niches
  • Impact Ladder Tool
  • Becoming a NPCA Coach

Virtual Forums

The group of six Virtual Forums are 90 minute interactive webinars.

The webinars focus on the practical skills of taking our clients through a set of coaching engagements starting with the initial session with a potential client right through to the closing session. Total Student Contact Hours: 9 hours
The Virtual Forum content is listed below:


  • Virtual Forum #1: The initial session
  • Virtual Forum #2: Establishing the coaching agreement
  • Virtual Forum #3: The standard session
  • Virtual Forum #4: Managing the coaching journey: maintaining accountability
  • Virtual Forum #5: Managing the coaching journey: working with client patterns
  • Virtual Forum #6: The closing session

The NPCA Virtual Forums are delivered online through web-based software. This technology facilitates small breakout discussion rooms, sharing slides, using the Chat function and enabling interactive discussions. Students prepare for the call in advance through pre-reading and self-study and the facilitator uses probing questions and high-level discussion to support the student learning.

During the Virtual Forums we focus on learning consolidation through a flipped learning model

“Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.”

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Mentor Sessions

10 x 1hr Mentor Sessions from an ICF credentialed coach

Six of these sessions are given to support the learning needs of the student coaches throughout the 16-week program itself. The remaining four sessions are delivered after the completion of the course to assist with the further preparation towards the students ICF ACC credential. These four remaining Mentor Sessions are available for one year from the start of the program. The content of the Mentor Sessions depends on the specific goals, learning needs and challenges set by the Mentee. The mentor will spend time discussing the self-study aspects of the course as well as observing coaching sessions in order to give feedback. The Mentor Sessions are mainly one-on-one sessions with up to three group-mentoring sessions. These can be delivered by a mixture of face-to-face, telephone or online. Total Student Contact Hours: 10 hours

Coaching Practice Groups

12 x 1 hour sessions with fellow students

Students are required to take part in weekly coaching practice groups with their fellow students. Over the course of 16 weeks the expectation is to complete at least 12 coaching sessions both as a coach and as a coachee and giving/receiving feedback on coaching.Total Asynchronous Hours: 6 hours


Reading and homework assignments

In between each of the training sessions, reading and homework assignments will be set in order to reflect on the reading and to prepare for the next training session. In addition, we encourage students to complete learning logs after trainings and coaching practice sessions. We recommend that student’s spend approximately 1hr 30 per week on the self-study materials. Total Asynchronous Hours: 8 hours