Cornerstone 1: Community

“What communities are to us and why they are important”

At the core of North Point Academy is our purpose…. “building transformational communities of people living from the ‘inside-out’”. From the day we began, we have intentionally built a company that is relational in nature.  Now having seen the impact of the work we do, we remain committed and driven to working this way with individuals, teams and organisations.

We believe that transformation occurs through relationships, and particularly through coaching – having meaningful conversations that move people forwards. It follows then that, for us, relationships, and the networks that these relationships, create are at the very foundation of building community.

We also recognize that the work we do is greater than just “us”! We know that if we want to achieve our purpose, we cannot do this alone and others must contribute to bring even greater value to our work and to others in the community. The best work we have done was in partnership with others and this is why we commit to directing part of our resources towards building communities.

The impact of communities touches broad range from smaller groups – that impact individuals, through relationships and family; to a larger level – within teams and organisations. They can also be based on geography (i.e. a specific location) or virtual, and therefore potentially, global. 

There are many reasons for communities to exist based on interest, action, practice, place and circumstance. As North Point grows on a global level, our aim is to create the greatest impact and legacy through building a hybrid community that co-exists and works on all these levels, in partnership with, and for the good of, those within our communities. 

As we create a legacy of lives that are touched by the transformational work we bring, our aim is to support our communities to grow and transform, whether that be:

  • through our own community in our different global locations or virtually, 
  • within the organisations we work with, 
  • through the partnerships we work with. 

If you want to learn more or to become part of our transformational community or to find out more about our work, contact us here.