By Matt Trenchard - posted on December 7, 2016

What We Stand For


Part of being a coach is knowing the truth that you stand for and what you are, and are not, prepared to do. As an ICF accredited coaching school, we look to the ICF Code of Ethics to guide our actions and to the below as food for our thought.


  • Thoughts and feelings are real, immaterial objects not merely electricity and chemicals in the brain
  • There is only one reality
  • Our actions into reality help define, and redefine, that reality
  • We are not our thoughts, our feelings, our actions or our impact
  • Our thoughts are acts of attention on a belief. We express these through language.
  • We are not our brain
  • Truth exists
  • Relationships exist
  • Suffering is a way to emotional truth (“the way out is through”) & self knowledge

and last but not least,


  • People are objects of greatness

Each of these challenges me to look anew at people, the world and myself. I find the last point, people are objects of greatness, the most challenging and inspiring of them all. That whatever people each of us does (good or bad, helpful or unhelpful), we have at our core, in our essence, greatness. We are great not by what we do, but by nature of the kind of thing that we are.


Question: Which of these challenges or inspires you the most? Add your thoughts to the comments section below.

Strength on the journey,


Matt Trenchard

Co-Founder of North Point Academy